Tonya is claiming Kenny and Evan raped her with a toothbrush while she was piss drunk and passed out and that the cameras were on and production knew, but there’s no video footage of it.

I think everyone knows of my love for Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman. In my eyes, they could do no wrong. But if I had any kind of inclination that this was true, I’d stop my support for them immediately. But I completely think this is false.

1. According to reports, there’s no footage of it. Anywhere. 

2. There’s no toothbrush.

3. People could lose their JOBS over something like that. Does anyone really think a production company would allow something like that to go on? And the whole “ratings” excuse can’t be used, seeing as it’s illegal for something like that to go on public television.

4. Tonya was piss drunk the entire time during “Ruins”. Looking back at the show, there are very few times she can even stand up straight while she was in that house. How would she have remembered that?

5. If this is true, why is she just coming forward with it now? “Ruins” was a while ago, and if she’d found out, why didn’t she say something then?

6. Both Kenny and Evan had long term girlfriends at that point. What reason would they have to sexually assault someone, with a toothbrush of all things? They clearly weren’t getting off on it, seeing as they both had someone back home.

7. There was no inclination during the whole season that these boys were pigs in the way they’re being presented by this nut job. Yes, they may have made some ridiculous comments to the girls in the house, but nothing on the level of being truly deplorable. There were many other women in the house, and if they’d known, does anyone really think they would have stuck around to compete the show and live in a house with them or even be friends with the duo as basically everyone was? No. Tonya went home pretty early in the game, and no female on the show had a serious problem with Kenny and Evan, besides their snarky comments. 

8. Though Evan and Kenny are douche bags a lot of the time, I honestly, in my heart of hearts, don’t think they’re capable of something so disgusting. They both have a careers and lives off The Challenge, and I don’t think that they’re looking to ruin that to sexually assault someone on a game show.

All in all, I’m calling bullshit on Tonya’s story. I hate to doubt rape cases, because I do like to stand up for female rights, but I can’t accept that this lawsuit is legit. I think we all know Tonya has some serious demons she needs to let go of, but there’s no reason for her to drag others down with her, especially to this extent. If this turns out to be false, she’ll be giving a bad name to a lot of real rape victims out there.

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